Book Review – The Beauty of Us by Kristen Proby

Goodreads Summary

beauty of usRiley Gibson is over the moon at the prospect of having her restaurant, Seduction, on the Best Bites TV network. This could be the big break she’s been waiting for. But the idea of having an in-house show on a regular basis is a whole other matter. Their lives would be turned upside down, and convincing Mia, her best friend and head chef of Seduction, that having cameras in her kitchen every day is a good idea is daunting. Still, Riley knows it’s an opportunity she can’t afford to pass on. And when she meets Trevor Cooper, the show’s executive producer, she’s stunned by their intense chemistry.

Trevor’s sole intention is to persuade Riley to allow Best Bites TV to do a show on her restaurant. But when he walks into Riley’s office, he stops dead in his tracks. The professional, aloof woman on the phone is incredibly beautiful and funny. But can he convince her that he’s interested in Riley for himself? Or is he using the undeniable pull between them to persuade her to agree to his offer?


4 out of 5 stars


Riley Gibson is the PR manager for Seduction, one of the hottest restaurants in Portland. Seduction has been given the opportunity to be featured on a Food Network type show, and everyone but Mia, the chef, are excited about the opportunity.   The book starts with Riley venting to the girls about a horrible date she’d had.  There is a man at the bar, and he makes a comment about what a toolbag her date is.  What Riley doesn’t realize is the man is the producer of the show, Trevor Cooper.

Trevor is excited to feature Seduction on his network.   What he wasn’t prepared for was his intense attraction to Riley.  Riley is smart and funny.  And beautiful. Trevor has been married – his wife was a cheater.   But Trevor lives in LA and Riley lives in Portland, so they both know that whatever they have will be short term.

But things never turn out as planned in books, so I’m sure you can guess what happened.  One thing about Trevor that I liked is he was kind of a nerd – he was a gamer.  He loved Star Wars and some of his best friends were gamers.  One thing I didn’t like – Riley talked SEVERAL times about how Trevor wore glasses and how sexy he was – the guy on the cover should be wearing glasses!!!!  Sorry, that just drives me crazy!!

There was a little drama with a female gamer and with Trevor’s ex-wife.  There wasn’t a big focus on the show being filmed at Seduction – it was more of a sub-plot, but will be much more heavily featured in the next book.

I did like Riley – she was a tough lady.  I really liked Trevor as well.  He was a really good guy.  Nothing would pull me away from this series, or any other Kristen Proby series.  She’s my go to author, so I would recommend.

Happy reading.



Book Review – Kiss My Boots by Harper Sloan

Goodreads Summary

kiss my bootsQuinn Davis prefers to live her life quietly. She’s the stereotypical tomboy with two overprotective big brothers who have always been there to protect her, especially from devilishly handsome cowboys with silver tongues. That is, until Tate Montgomery comes riding into town. Their first meeting, however, is far from something out of a fairy tale and only further convinces Quinn that men aren’t worth her time.

The only place Tate Montgomery ever truly felt at home growing up was during the long, sweltering summer months he spent at his Gram and Paw’s farm in Pine Oak, Texas. Now, Tate has returned to his childhood sanctuary seeking a fresh start—but if he’s being entirely honest, he’s not just back for the wranglers and Stetsons. During those summers, Quinn was a friend-turned-young-love who Tate lost when life threw him a curveball and he cut all ties to his past; but all it takes is one glance at the raven-haired beauty he did his best to forget for him to realize just how much he’s been missing….


3 1/2 out of 5 stars


Jesus Jones, there was one too many Jesus Jones in this book.  Just sayin….

Quinn Davis, the only sister of Maverick (book 1) and Clay (book 3) is a “hell-raiser” (something that is almost mentioned a few too many times in this book) and an auto mechanic (this part I actually liked).  She gets wind that her old love interest, Tate Montgomery is swinging back into town, and she loses her mind.

Tate spent his summers in Texas and spent that time with Quinn, and over the course of seven years, they fall in love.  Tate goes off to college in Atlanta, and tells Quinn he will stay in touch.  He doesn’t.  This breaks Quinn and leads her to distrust men.  Tate’s grandfather dies, and Tate comes back to Texas to take over his medical practice as an OB/GYN.

Tate’s grandpa had an old truck that Tate wanted restored – and he didn’t trust anyone other than Quinn to do that.  Quinn is floored when she hears Tate’s name, but Tate has decided that nothing is going to stand in the way of him and his only love – Quinn.

I will say that I’m a huge Harper Sloan fan.  The writing in this book, especially the slang was quite cumbersome and annoying.  Lots of darlin’, sugar and Jesus Jones.  Too many.  I get that the book was set in Texas but it felt fake to me.

Tate’s reason for leaving Quinn was utterly ridiculous.  I won’t spoil it, but it was really dumb and not real believable.

Quinn was pretty quick to forgive Tate, but overall, he was a really good guy.  The Davis family has some mama issues, and they were sort of dealt with in this book.  I grew to love Clay even more, and I’m really excited to read his next book.  I’m way too invested to stop now.

Not the best book, but not terrible either. Would recommend.

Happy reading.


Man Crush Monday


After a two month hiatus, I’m bringing back my Man Crush Monday weekly meme.  Several memes I’ve participated in have disappeared (and I miss them), so I’m bringing this one off the shelf.  I hope that you will consider doing a post and introducing others to men you’ve read (or watched) and really liked.  Thanks in advance for your participation.

Man Crush Monday is a weekly meme created by yours truly, Sheri at Read in a Flash!

The purpose of MCM is to spotlight men that are memorable and significant to you, either in print, TV or in real life.


  • Tell us who your “Man Crush” is and tell us why you like him.
  • Cut and past your post into the comments so others can see.
  • Be creative and have fun!

My Man Crush Monday for this week is Marc Watson from His Rules by Scott Hildreth.



his rulesMy endeavors to find the right man had afforded me countless hookups, infidelity, and a handful of one-night-stands.

Then, Marc Watson stepped into my life. He was handsome, and not the kind that could be satisfied by simply taking a second look. Hell, men like him graced the covers of magazines and were the subject of every woman’s dreams. He was also intellectual and kind. The. Complete. Package.  But. He had this ridiculous rule.

To get a shot at him, I had to agree to be in a no sex relationship for thirty days. Making it thirty minutes without having sex with him would be a stretch. Thirty days would be impossible.

It was the opposite of everything I had done in the past, but he assured me if I could comply, the reward would be mind-blowing.  I’d never been one to back down from a challenge, so I took the deal.  Little did I know that doing so would change my life forever.

To get a shot with Marc Watson, Taryn has to agree to go 30 days with no sex.  She takes one look at Marc and realizes that going to be near impossible.  Marc wants a relationship without sex for 30 days to discover if the person he’s with is the right one.  The only thing it proved is Marc is the right one.  Such an amazing guy.  I had come off a few stretches of bad books when I found this one, and I could not have loved it more.  I rarely give 5 stars to books, but this one got them – and earned every one.  I loved this book and would highly recommend it.

Share your post in the comments below.  I’m always looking for new books to read, movies to watch or TV shows to binge!

Happy Monday.


Top Ten Tuesday – Series I LOVE

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish Blog.

This week’s topic is Series I haven’t read but want to.  This topic doesn’t apply to me because I LOVE series and don’t have any I haven’t started yet.  If I see a book that’s part of a series, I’m all over that like bees on honey.  So I’m going to highlight some of my favorite book series below.  Enjoy!

  1. Rock Chick Series by Kristen Ashley.  This is one of my all time favorite series.  Each book follows a different woman and a different member of the “hot bunch”.  Each guy works with or knows Lee Nightingale.  Set in Denver with an alpha male per book, this series tops my list.

rock chick men

2. With Me in Seattle series by Kristen Proby.  This series revolves around the Montgomery family from Seattle and their friends, and is a great series.  8 books in length, there was one I didn’t love but the rest are the best.

Image result for with me in seattle series

3. Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Coben.  I was so incredibly sad when this series ended, because I loved Myron and his best friend Win.  Myron is a sports agent and each book follows a different story.  Mysteries.  Highly recommend.

The Myron Bolitar Series 7-Book Bundle: Deal Breaker, Drop Shot, Fade Away, Back Spin, One False Move, The Final Detail, Darkest Fear (Myron Bolitar, #1-7)

4. Body Movers series by Stephanie Bond.  Body Movers is the story of Carlotta Wren, a woman whose parents are on the run for legal issues and is left to raise her hellion teenage brother, who becomes a “body mover”.  In the meantime, her ex wants her back, she becomes involved with a cop named Jack (whom I love) and her brother’s boss Coop is in the mix.  Funny series, but also a mystery as well.

Body Movers (Body Movers, #1)

5. Until series by Aurora Rose Reynolds.  Another series about strong, alpha males with a hint of mystery and suspense.  This series focuses on the Mayson brothers, who each find love.  There is a spin-off series with the Mayson brothers children as well, which is very good.

Image result for until series by aurora rose reynolds

6. Corps Security series by Harper Sloan.  Alpha males.  Are you sensing a theme?  Each book in the first series follows an employee at Corps Security as they find love.  There is a spin-off series with their children as well.  Love this series.

Image result for corps security series by harper sloan

7. Knitting in the City/Winston Brothers series by Penny Reid.  KITC and the WB series are intertwined in a way, but I read the first KITC book 3 years ago and read the second one this year, and I haven’t stopped.  They are funny and fresh.  The Winston Brothers series is set in Tennessee, but their sister Ashley is featured in KITC.  Both series are good.

Image result for knitting in the city series by penny reid

8. The Ride Series by Megan O’Brien.  5 books about brothers in a Motorcycle club and the women they meet and fall for.  I wish this series would continue, I love it that much!


9. The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.  Read all but the last book because the second to last book was so bad, but in the beginning, I loved this series!  Turned into a show on HBO called True Blood, but the show was so different from the books that I couldn’t get into it.

Image result for true blood men

10. Virgin River series by Robyn Carr.  I will admit up front I didn’t finish this series, but I did read 13 of the books before I moved on to another genre.  I love small town, “Doc Hollywood” type books, and this series is the epitome of this.  Love the people in this small town and how nice and accepting they are.

Image result for virgin river robyn carr

What series do you love?  I’m always looking for a new one!

Happy reading..


WWW Wednesday

WWW is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

currently reading

banking the billionaire  Thanks to blog friend Deanna for the loan.  Loving this book so far; about two pranksters.  Really funny.

recently finsihed

only with me Loved this so much!

My son just graduated high school, so my reading has been really slow, but for good reason:)


read next

lucky  I never read what I say I’m going to read, so we’ll see:)

What is on your list this week?

Happy reading.

WWW Wednesday

WWW is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

currently reading

Technically nothing.  I started reading a book on the train and it didn’t catch my interest.  But I finally found Swear by Adriana Locke and I’ll be starting that later.

recently finsihed

against the rules Didn’t like this one much.  My review is on goodreads only.

Beauty and the Mustache Least favorite book of the KITC and Winston Brothers series.  Couldn’t relate to the “hero” at all.

full package Decent read, nothing to write home about.

read next

I downloaded a bunch of stuff on Kindle Unlimited today by authors who are all new to me.  They are:

Say You’ll be Mine by Maria Luis

Fire on the Firm by Betty Shreffler (good reviews on goodreads)

What You Do to Me by Barbara Longley

Not Quite Dating by Catherine Bybe

Stone Rules by Samantha Christy

I’m also close to getting the book about Scott Peterson written by his sister and the new Harper Sloan book from the library.  I wish everyone knew they could return library books on Amazon!

What is on your list this week?

Happy reading.

Book Review – Blush for Me by Kristen Proby

As the take-charge wine bar manager of Seduction, Portland’s hottest new restaurant, Katrina Meyers is the definition of no-nonsense, and she isn’t afraid of anything. Well, almost anything: she hates to fly. When she’s forced to travel on a death trap with wings, the turbulence from hell has her reaching for any safe haven—including the incredibly handsome guy sitting next to her.

Ryan “Mac” MacKenzie hasn’t been able to get his sexy seatmate out of his head. The way she clung to him stirred something inside him he didn’t think existed: tenderness. As the owner of a successful wine touring company, Mac thinks he’s got a handle on what life can throw at him and he’s not prepared for any surprises, especially in the feelings department. And when he brings a tour into Seduction, he sees the petite spitfire he just can’t forget.

Mac is determined to discover what else they have in common besides fine wine and the inability to keep their hands off each other. But what will it take for two stubborn people to realize that what they have is so much more than a hot chemistry between the sheets and to admit to falling in love…?

4 out of 5 stars

Kristen Proby is one of those authors who could write the phone book and I would read it. I just love her.  Book 3 in the Fusion series is no exception.

Book 3 is the story of Kat Meyers, one of the owners of Seduction, one of the hottest restaurants in Portland.  Kat needs to attend a wine convention in California, and is forced to fly.  She is seated next to Ryan “Mac” MacKenzie, and Mac instantly comes to her aid (she’s terrified to fly).

They discover that they are at the same convention, and decide to have a “sexcation” while there.  Kat never asks any questions about Mac, assuming he lives in California.  Imagine her surprise when she discovers he is on her return flight and that they live in the same building.

I absolutely loved Mac.  He was so kind and romantic.  There was some drama with his father and a gambling addiction, but it was written in a believable way and didn’t take away from the story.  I really enjoyed Kat as well.  She was strong and funny.  She is also fiercely loyal to her friends.

I’m really excited that the next book is about Mia!  She’s a firecracker and I love her, so I’m excited.  And the new Boudreaux book came out today so I have more KP to look forward to!

Happy reading!