Kindle Lending Program

Thanks to my fellow blogger over at Falling Down the Book Hole, I’ve been inspired to share some of the books I have on my Kindle that I can loan.  If you aren’t aware of this program, you can loan books that you have purchased (either for free or $.99 or more) to fellow readers for two weeks.  To determine if you can loan a book, go into Amazon, click on Manage Your Content and Devices and click on the ellipses next to a book.  If you are able to loan a book, you will see “Loan this title”.  You just enter the borrowers email and viola, you’ve loaned a book.  I don’t have a ton of books to loan since I have Kindle Unlimited, but I have a few and I’m happy to loan them to anyone.  My list is below.

Co-Wrecker by Meghan Quinn

Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe (if anyone has the other books in the series they can loan, I’m dying to get my hands on them:)

Fake Fiancee by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Craving by Helen Hardt

After we Fall by Melanie Harlow

Until Ashlyn by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Grin and Beard It by Penny Reid

MacKenzie Fire by Elle Casey

Mechanic by Alexa Riley

Beautiful Life by Brynne Asher

Lev by Belle Aurora

The Air He Breathes by Brittainy Cherry

Slider by Stacy Borel

The Allure of Dean Harper by R.S. Grey

Ignite by Tessa Teevan

The Sweetest Seduction by Crista McHugh

Affliction by River Savage

Happy weekend all!


Check out these documentaries

If you have read my blog, you know I love documentaries.  I’m not sure why, but I just do.  I find them fascinating.

I watched two really interesting documentaries this week, and I wanted to let you know about them, you know, in case you’re like me and are always looking for a new documentary to watch!

The Seven Five (Netflix).  I hadn’t heard of this documentary, which has been around the seven fivesince 2014, and I stumbled upon it and I have to say, it was really good.  The Seven Five is the story of Michael Dowd, a police office in the 75th Precinct in New York (hence the name; they call them like that in NY for some reason).  Dowd discovered quickly how easy it was to steal from “scum of the earth drug dealers” (his words, not mine).  What started small turned into a very large operation, and he ended up pulling in other officers with him.

Dowd was interviewed for this film, along with partners and other “associates” during this crime days.  I found the story fascinating.  Dowd was brutally honest, and accepted who he was.  Didn’t make him a good guy, but you had to respect that.  Really good film that I would recommend.

Mommy Dead and Dearest (HBO).  This documentary just premiered on Monday, and I mommy dead and dearesthave to say, I have never seen anything like this.  This is the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a girl who grew up with a plethora of health problems and was confined to a wheelchair.  Things aren’t always what they seem, and that holds true in this film.  I can’t give many details, because I don’t want to spoil it, but this was a really powerful but utterly devastating film.  I had so many feelings while watching this film.  It’s a hard film to watch, but worth it.

Also, just released today, is The Keepers, which is the true story of a nun in Baltimore whose murder in 1969 has never been solved.  I started watching a little on my lunch hour and I’m intrigued.  Streaming on Netflix.

Do you have any documentaries you would recommend?  I tend to prefer true crime but will really watch most anything.

Have a lovely weekend.


Book Review – Swear by Adriana Locke


swearEllie Pagan has a list of reasons to stay away from Ford Landry.
It’s a mile long and was so much easier to stick to when he was a world away. Now that he’s standing in front of her—body hard and chiseled from a stint in the military, suit cut to perfection, and a smirk she could never resist—remembering all the reasons why just got a whole lot harder. 
Ford gets Ellie isn’t his biggest fan. He just doesn’t care.
Standing in front of him, giving him hell, she’s even prettier than he remembered. All he can think about is how she felt in his arms, the taste of her kiss, the sound of her giggle in the middle of the night. He may not know how to win her back, but he does know this: he may have let her go once, but that’s one mistake he won’t make again.


4 out of 5 stars


Have you read that second chance romance novel where the girl instantly forgives the guy for what he did in the past?  Yeah, well, that’s not this book.

Swear is Ford Landry’s book.  I have been eagerly awaiting Ford’s book; he’s the last Landry brother left who hasn’t had book.  Ford is the former soldier turned security consultant.  Ford is asked by Graham and Mallory to stop by a new boutique to do a security plan and runs smack dab into the former love of his life, Ellie.

Ellie was Ford’s first everything.  He left for the military, leaving her behind.  10 years later, they find each other again.  Ford has decided that he’s never letting Ellie go again, but Ellie is a little more reserved and she’s not willing to forgive and forget as easily.  She’s closely guarding her heart.

What I liked about Ellie was that she made Ford work for her trust.  She didn’t automatically forgive him and jump back into bed with him.  He had to prove to her that he was worthy of her trust.

One thing I love about these books is how much time we get to spend with the Landry family.  I love that family; all of them.  I love how accepting they are.  And Lincoln is my favorite and we see him a lot in this book.

I love the Landry family.  I really hope that the kids of the Landry’s get their own spin off series.  I would recommend.

Happy reading.


WWW Wednesday

WWW is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

currently reading

Technically nothing.  I started reading a book on the train and it didn’t catch my interest.  But I finally found Swear by Adriana Locke and I’ll be starting that later.

recently finsihed

against the rules Didn’t like this one much.  My review is on goodreads only.

Beauty and the Mustache Least favorite book of the KITC and Winston Brothers series.  Couldn’t relate to the “hero” at all.

full package Decent read, nothing to write home about.

read next

I downloaded a bunch of stuff on Kindle Unlimited today by authors who are all new to me.  They are:

Say You’ll be Mine by Maria Luis

Fire on the Firm by Betty Shreffler (good reviews on goodreads)

What You Do to Me by Barbara Longley

Not Quite Dating by Catherine Bybe

Stone Rules by Samantha Christy

I’m also close to getting the book about Scott Peterson written by his sister and the new Harper Sloan book from the library.  I wish everyone knew they could return library books on Amazon!

What is on your list this week?

Happy reading.

Top Ten Tuesday – TV Moms

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish Blog.

This week is a Mother’s Day freebie, so I’m doing my 5 best and 5 worst TV moms.  These are all based on shows I’ve actually watched.

Here’s my list, in no particular order.

5 Best TV Moms

Claire Dunphy of Modern Family.  Claire is a real woman, who works and is raising three kids and a husband.  She’s smart, and she knows who her kids are (she knows Luke isn’t super smart, etc).  She’s funny and relatable on so many levels.

claire dunphy

Carole Brady of the Brady Bunch.  How can you do a list of best moms and not include Mrs. Brady.  The woman took on 3 additional kids and raised them as her own, rarely losing her temper.  She was crazy impressive on so many levels.

carol brady

Mabel Thomas from What’s Happening.  I had mad respect for Mamma, and not because she was a large and in charge woman.  She was a single mom, doing the best she could, and she raised two pretty incredible kids.  And she raised Dee, who was by far the biggest brat ever born:)

mabel thomas

Catlin Stark from Game of Thrones.  If you have read my blog, you know I’m a huge GOT fan, and I’m all about House Stark.  While Catlin was a major bitch to Jon Snow, she was fiercely protective of her own children.  She never left Bran’s side after he was injured.  She fought with Robb.  She was a real renaissance woman.

caitlin stark

Jill Taylor from Home Improvement.  Jill was a saint.  Raising three boys and keeping up with a doofus husband while going to school made for one impressive character.  The amount of stupid crap she had to endure was insane, but she was always a likable character.

jill taylor

5 Worst TV Moms

Frankie Heck from the Middle.  I had to stop watching this show because Frankie was just such a bad parent.  Who forgets the first day of school?  Who forgets about their youngest child?  Yep, it’s Frankie Heck, lazy mother of three who lives in lower-middle class in Indiana.  I could not empathize with this woman at all.  She never seemed to care about being a mom.  I can’t stand this show anymore and it’s mostly because of her.

frankie heck

Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.  Who has three children from an incestuous relationship with her brother and always puts herself first?  Cersei Lannister.  While Cersei does love her children fiercely, her agenda ALWAYS came first.  Like when she sent her daughter to Dorn, or when she killed her son’s wife and entire family.  She’s no longer a mom (to any living children), but she was the worst when she was.

cersei lannister

Regina Vasquez from Switched at Birth.  Don’t start yelling at me – Regina was a good mom.  I can’t get past the fact that she knew she had the wrong kid from the time her daughter was three and she never did anything about it.  She lost the love of her life over it.  I can’t get past that, which lands her on this list.

regina sab

Sarah Linden from the Killing.  Sarah Linden is a detective in Seattle, and she is damn good at her job.  What she’s damn bad at is being a mom.  Sarah would get so wrapped up in her cases that she would literally forget about her teenage son, and she eventually (and rightfully so) lost custody of him.  She was a hard character to relate to, but she was really good at and dedicated to her job.

sarah linden

Lindsey & Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development.  In a tie is Lindsey and Lucille Bluth, who are both bad moms for different reasons.  Lindsey is self-absorbed and seems to forget she has an impressionable teenage daughter (who is actually way too smart for her own good and practically raising herself).  Lucille, on the other hand, has raised a buffoon in Buster (who she emotionally abuses) and treats her other children like idiots.  The show was so funny though.

bluth ladies

Who are your favorite and least favorite TV mom’s?  I know there are other bad moms out there (Family Guy and the like), but I went strictly with shows I actually watched.

Happy Tuesday.


Book Review – Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid


Beauty and the MustacheThere are three things you need to know about Ashley Winston: 1) She has six brothers and they all have beards, 2) She is a reader, and 3) She knows how to knit.

Former beauty queen, Ashley Winston’s preferred coping strategy is escapism. She escaped her Tennessee small town, loathsome father, and six brothers eight years ago. Now she escapes life daily via her Amazon kindle one-click addiction. However, when a family tragedy forces her to return home, Ashley can’t escape the notice of Drew Runous— local Game Warden, reclusive mountain man, bear wrestler, philosopher, and everyone’s favorite guy. Drew’s irksome philosophizing in particular makes Ashley want to run for the skyscrapers, especially since he can’t seem to keep his exasperating opinions— or his soulful poetry, steadfast support, and delightful hands— to himself. Pretty soon the girl who wanted nothing more than the escape of the big city finds she’s lost her heart in small town Tennessee.


3 out of 5 stars


Beauty and the Mustache is the 4th book in the Knitting in the City series and technically the 4th book in the Winston Brothers series, but in actuality, it’s set BEFORE the Winston Brothers series begins.  Follow?  Yeah, neither did I.

The only Winston sibling without a penis, Ashley, is the focal point of this story.  The story takes place BEFORE book 1 of the WB series.  Ashley has been trying to get in touch with her mother, and her mother is not responding to her.  Instead of calling one of her 6 brothers, she hops on a plane and heads back to Tennessee, and the family she ditched 8 years ago.

Ashley talks to her mother all the time, but has NO CLUE what her brothers have been up to for the past eight years.  How is that even possible?  I have a sister-in-law I haven’t seen in almost 9 years, but I know what the hell is going on in her life, thanks to other family members who think I care.  The fact that she never kept in touch with any of her brothers is totally perplexing, and contradictory to the men we have read in the WB series of books.  These men are fiercely loyal, and would never let their sister just waltz out of their lives.

Anyway, Ash goes home and finds her mother is ill.  Being a nurse, she decides to be her mother’s full time care giver, and informs her employer in Chicago that she is taking FMLA to help Momma.  Her first night home, after 2 hours of sleep, she is awoken by her brothers revving a car engine, and goes out to yell at them.  She reaches in the car to give Cletus a “purple nurple”, only to discover the person she just molested isn’t Cletus; it’s Jethro’s boss, Drew.

Here’s where my big problem with this book comes to play.  Drew.  I didn’t really get/like him.  He is a “bearded Viking” according to Ash (yes, bearded; not sure where the title came from).  He doesn’t talk much; he writes poetry; Ash thinks he has a thing for her momma; he is the Power of Attorney on behalf of Momma and so on.  He was under the impression that Ash was a man.  Wrong.

Ash, on the other hand, could barely take care of herself while she was caring for her momma (eating, showering).  Her brothers were way too forgiving, in my opinion (except Billy).  How do you just abandon your family like that?  I don’t have brothers, but I have uncles, and I’ve heard the stories of their childhood.  Yes, you were tormented.  Get. Over. It.  People grow up.  My aunt used to tell this embarrassing story about my dad – from when he was 10.  One day, I finally told her I never wanted to hear it again.  My dad was like 55.  Get. Over. It.

One good thing is we get to see our friends from the first three books in the KITC series, especially Sandra and Alex, who Ashley is good friends with.  The girls come down to help Ashley and comfort her, and I really enjoyed that aspect of the book.

So, in summary, I had a very hard time with Ashley’s abandonment of her family, her brother’s quick forgiveness, and Drew, and how incredibly hard of a character he was to root for.

I will say I’m way too invested in both series to stop reading now, but overall, this book was a disappointment.

Happy reading.