Monthly Wrap Up – April

I had a really light April, and I don’t know why!  This month I read:


april wrap up

Blush for Me by Kristen Proby.  I really enjoyed this book.  I love this series, and pretty much anything Kristen Proby writes.

Roman by Sawyer Bennett.  I enjoyed this book, but coming off the awesome book before (Max), it was going to be hard to top.  One thing I did enjoy was Brian’s POV.

Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys.  I loved this book.  Funny as heck.  Would recommend.

Hard Ball by Heather Stone.  I didn’t do a blog post on this book because it was short, but I didn’t love this book.  I gave it 2 1/2 stars.  I would skip.

Twist by Kylie Scott.  Book 2 in the Dive Bar series had a real kick ass heroine.  Interesting story and I love the folks from this quirky Idaho town.

Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid.  I read the first book 3 years ago, and don’t know why I waited so long to read the second book.  Enjoyed this book.

Paths by Brynne Asher.  Book 2 in the Vines series didn’t disappoint.  I’m a big fan of Brynne Asher.  Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Love Hacked by Penny Reid.  Book 3 in the Knitting in the City series was good.  The hero had an interesting story that made the book intriguing.  Really enjoying this series.

Really bummed by my numbers for April.  My library just got an influx of e-books and I have holds on a bunch of good ones.  Check back next month for reviews.

Happy reading.


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