The Staircase – a must watch documentary

I’ve been home recovering from a minor surgery, and spent a majority of thThe-Staircaseat time watching a very interesting documentary called “The Staircase”.   Sidebar – to watch this documentary, I had to sign up for a 30-day trial of Sundance Doc Club (which I promptly cancelled upon finishing), but I couldn’t find another way to watch.  End sidebar.

The Staircase is the story of Michael Peterson, whose wife Kathleen fell down the stairs to her death in December 2001.  It appeared to be an accident, but there was a lot of blood and some contusions on the back of her head, and he was eventually charged with murder.

Kathleen was Peterson’s second wife; he had two biological children from his first marriage, and “adopted” two girls when their mother passed away – ironically, by falling down a staircase to her death.  Peterson’s children believed in his innocence – Kathleen’s daughter did not.

The documentary follows Peterson’s defense team as they strategize his defense.  I’ve learned what a “blowpoke” is as well (the alleged murder weapon).

As for Peterson himself, I couldn’t get a good read on him to determine his guilt or innocence.  He came across as really cocky.  He appeared to be a good father and seemed to love his wife, so I’m leaning more toward innocence, but it’s very strange that one man would be involved in two falls down stairs.

The case itself was very interesting and I would recommend this documentary.  Worth the watch.




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